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National Family Partnership Unveils 2024 Red Ribbon Week Theme

Jan 31, 2024 11:27:30 AM

"Life is A Movie, Film Drug Free."™


January 31st, 2023 – Miami, FL– Today, the National Family Partnership (NFP) proudly revealed the theme for the 2024 Red Ribbon Week: "Life is A Movie, Film Drug Free.™" This creative theme was submitted by Cheryl Holsapfel, Digital Art Teacher, and Devansh Aggarwal from Solon Middle School. It serves as a powerful reminder that ordinary Americans nationwide contribute significantly to their communities every day by embracing a drug-free lifestyle.

The annual Red Ribbon Week Theme Contest, sponsored by the National Family Partnership, attracts millions of submissions across the nation, inviting participants to craft slogans that embody the campaign's mission. "Life is A Movie, Film Drug Free.™" was selected because it inspires individuals to play their part in fostering safe, healthy, and drug-free communities. From healthcare professionals to educators, parents, and beyond, the theme underscores the collective impact achievable through dedication and commitment.

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Cheryl Holsapfel, the Digital Art Teacher at Solon Middle School, shared her enthusiasm for integrating the Red Ribbon project into her curriculum. "I teach a class called digital art, where we focus on design, visual literacy, and 21st-century skills. Incorporating the Red Ribbon theme contest into our lessons provides students with real-world application and engagement. We analyze our audience, explore various printing applications, and refine slogans to ensure clarity and creativity. It's incredibly rewarding to witness our students' ideas come to life and make a difference in the community," she expressed.

The origin of the Red Ribbon Campaign traces back to 1985, following the tragic murder of Drug Enforcement Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena. This initiative, initiated by NFP, symbolizes a commitment to raising awareness about the devastating impact of drugs in America.

Peggy B. Sapp, President of NFP, emphasized the importance of community engagement through initiatives like the theme contest. "The Red Ribbon theme contest is just one of the ways NFP raises awareness in our communities. Each year, we encourage the public to share their perspectives on living drug-free. This year, we invite them to showcase what drug-free living means to them through photography, serving as representatives of our collective commitment to a drug-free lifestyle," she stated.

Theme submissions for the Red Ribbon Week Contest are open annually from January 1st to December 4th. Winners of the contest receive $500 worth of Red Ribbon Week themed merchandise, generously provided by Nimco, Inc. As the sole supplier of Red Ribbon Merchandise Theme materials, Nimco, Inc. supports ongoing drug education efforts in schools nationwide.

Red Ribbon Week is observed annually from October 23rd to 31st. Join us in making a difference by getting involved. To learn more about the contest and the campaign, visit

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