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Red Ribbon Week Activities for Media Leaders


Here are some ideas to make this year's Red Ribbon Week celebration the best yet!

  • Use Red Ribbon Week as an opportunity to continue talking to your employees and the public about the dangers of underage drinking and drug use. Let them know that alcohol and drug use will not be tolerated.
  • Sponsor a local school with Red Ribbon Theme Merchandise.
  • Use our social media tips to post Red Ribbon Week messages on your Facebook , Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Encourage members of your community to enter the Red Ribbon Photo Contest for a chance to win an iPad for their family - and $1,000 for a local school.
  • Spread the Lock Your Meds message: Tell the public to secure and take inventory of their medicine cabinet to prevent prescription drug abuse.
  • Ask Anchors to wear red ribbons and explain their meaning during broadcasts. If you are a writer, write a story about the history of Red Ribbon and its relevance today.
  • Tell your audience to take a stab at creating the 2024 National Red Ribbon Theme. Winners gain national recognition and $500 of Red Ribbon theme merchandise for their school. This year’s theme is “Life Is A Movie, Film Drug Free.™” submitted by Cheryl Holsapfel, Digital Art Teacher, and Devansh Aggarwal from Solon Middle School.
  • Contact local governmental officials about declaring October 23rd-31st Red Ribbon Week in your community.
  • Raise money for a local prevention organization by charging $5 for employees to wear denim on a special Red Ribbon jeans day.
  • Distribute red ribbons to your coworkers and staff.
  • Sign the Red Ribbon Pledge.
  • Volunteer to speak about the latest drug trends at a local Chamber Meeting.
  • Organize a Miles of Quarters Campaign to support prevention.
  • Display Red Ribbons and posters on the interior and exterior of your building.
  • Check out what other prevention organizations are offering to make your Red Ribbon Week the most impactful yet at
  • Send Us Your Best Idea. We'll filter out the best and add them to this list!