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About the Red Ribbon Campaign

  • Who was Kiki Camarena?

    Enrique “Kiki” Camarena was a special agent who worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration. In 1985, he was kidnapped by drug traffickers in Guadalajara, Mexico. His murder and death brought anger to the community and was a catalyst for the Red Ribbon Campaign. Together in Kiki’s honor, parents and youth in communities nationwide began wearing Red Ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness around his killing and the destruction caused by drugs in America. To learn more, click here:
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  • When is Red Ribbon Week?

    Red Ribbon Week takes place each year from October 23 through 31st.
  • What year did the Red Ribbon Campaign start?

    The National Family Partnership sponsored the first National Red Ribbon Campaign in 1988.
  • Is the Red Ribbon Campaign a grass-root movement?

    Yes. Grassroots movements encourage community members to contribute by taking responsibility and action in their respective communities.
  • Do I need the campaign's permission to use any information on the website to educate student/parents/teachers?

    We encourage you to use the materials available in the Downloads section of the website. Click here: Red Ribbon Downloads. As the theme materials are copyright protected, please be advised that permission to reproduce the Red Ribbon Campaign Logo and Theme images must be requested in writing. Please contact us at

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