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Longtime Red Ribbon Campaign Supporter Retires

Sep 8, 2020 3:10:05 PM

thumbnail_image002“Everyone has a role in prevention,” says Marcie Seidel. A drug prevention leader in Ohio for many years, Marcie recently retired from her position as Executive Director of Prevention Action Alliance. Years before, she served as former chief of staff for Hope Taft, Ohio’s former first lady. In 1987, Mrs. Taft started Prevention Action Alliance with a group of parents in order to raise awareness about the dangers of misusing drugs and alcohol. This connection led Marcie to the organization where she assumed the mantle for more than 13 years. “It was an aligning of the stars,” she said. Indeed it was. Marcie’s career eventually led her to meet our very own Peggy Sapp, and they have been partners in prevention ever since. NFP is lucky to have many allies in the state of Ohio who are big supporters of the Red Ribbon Campaign. Marcie credits Ohio’s schools and their National Guard as natural partners. An added bonus for us is that this year our new Red Ribbon Campaign theme, Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free. ™ , was created by an Ohioan, Tricia Nelson, a Cincinnati school teacher. “Collaborations are valuable,” Marcie says. “I believe the Red Ribbon campaign is successful in part due to alliances.” And although she has retired, she contends “Prevention is a way of living and I intend to stay connected.” We wish you an amazing retirement Marcie. 

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